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 Wellness Exams
Routine examinations should be performed twice yearly to maintain an ongoing client/patient relationship with your veterinarian.  This allows for a thorough overall examination of your pet's health, medical history and a review of any current health risks.  We can help you make decisions about diet, behavior and preventative care which can prolong and improve the quality of your pet's life.

Periodic oral examination by your veterinarian can help protect your pet from more serious health issues.  Accumulation of tartar causes gingivitis and periodontal disease, which can affect your pet's heart, liver and kidneys.  Your pet's bad breath can also change how you interact with them.  We can help you  make decisions on how you can provide proper oral hygiene.  We can perform periodic ultrasonic dental cleanings, also.  This allows for a thorough oral examination and correction of potential health risks.

Many vaccines are available to help protect your pet from various diseases.  We can help you assess your pet's risk of exposure to these diseases and provide a personalized vaccination program.  Recent studies suggest most routine (core) vaccinations provide protection for several years.  However, if your pet visits a groomer, boarding facility, other parts of the country or is a service pet, more stringent protocols may be necessary.

Surgical procedures vary from simple biopsies of small masses to extensive abdominal explorations.  We provide general anesthesia, fluid therapy, technical monitoring during the procedure and recovery.  We also provide pre and post operative pain control.  The diagnostic and specialized surgical procedures which we do not provide can be referred to a team of specialists in Phoenix who will work closely with us to provide the best of care for your pet(s).

Altering your pet early in life can help prevent several unwanted problems.  As we all know, the pet population is out of control, this causes an excess of unwanted animals who may end up at the local humane society and may never find a home.  Also, pets who are unaltered tend to have more dominance issues, which can make them more difficult to manage.  Later in life, unaltered pets may have medical issues like prostate and testicular cancer in males and uterine and mammary cancer in females.  We help by offering affordable spay/neuter prices to help give your pet a long healthy life.

Blood Tests/Lab Tests
Many times different lab tests are needed to help diagnose or monitor an illness.  Also, many  medical conditions like diabetes, thyroid conditions and certain medications need follow-up labs to monitor for changes.  Routine lab tests should be performed throughout your pets life to establish a baseline and to pick up any abnormalities.  This allows us to identify problems early before they begin to affect your pet's quality of life.  Blood, fecal and urine tests are sent to a central lab where we can get quality results at an affordable rate.

Radiographs are used to visualize fractures, arthritis, congenital deformities, and internal organs.  Although there are several newer procedures like MRI, CT scan and ultrasound, radiography is still the most affordable, and is a sufficient procedure for most issues.  Once a problem is identified further diagnostics can be performed at a referral center if needed.  We can help you decide if radiographs would be helpful in the diagnosis and monitoring of your pet's health issues.

Pain Management
Relieving pain has become an important part of veterinary practice.  Many conditions such as surgery, injury and arthritis can cause short or long term pain.  We can help provide medical pain relief for your pet to ensure a better quality of life.  We can also refer you to a local pet acupuncturist veterinarian if needed.

After Hours Emergency Care
After hours emergency care is a must.  Although we do not offer 24 hour care we are open Sunday-Thursday from 8am-5pm.  We are available for emergencies on Friday and Saturday from 8am - 5pm by calling 928-821-8343. We refer all after hours emergencies to Prescott Area Pet Emergency in Prescott or Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center of Northern AZ in Flagstaff.  They are both reasonably priced.  Prescott Area Pet Emergency is located conveniently at 2245 Highway 69 in Prescott.  Their phone number is 928-778-1990.  Veterinary Emergency of Northern AZ is located at 1359 E. Butler Ave and their number is 928-779-5522. They are both open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We use Ames Diversified Services for cremation.